From idea to do it your self

This is our story:

Our idea for the wooden do-it-yourself toys and everything else you can think of that has to do with doing or making something in combination with wood was created by the request of our deaf / hard of hearing daughter Charlotte,

Our daughter Charlotte likes to do odd jobs in the shed with her father.
 Working together, thinking together and creating together is something that makes everyone in our family happy. One day when they are together in the shed she asks: Daddy can I make my own toys too? Of course that is possible, but we are going to think about how we are going to do that and what we are going to make.

In the meantime, this question has been given a face in the form of our company Doen & Hout, which includes do-it-yourself toys made of wood.

No ready-made toys, but a bucket that contains everything to make your own train, tractor or other object yourself or together with dad, mom, grandma, grandpa or other adult.

A simple idea that stimulates children's motor skills and imagination and makes them feel proud when it is put together. The only thing you need at home is a hammer and you can get started.

How infinitely great is the creativity of a child when they make their own works or the pleasure that arises from creating together, so incredibly valuable all those moments.

We wish you lots of creative fun on behalf of Doen & Hout